2022.12 Color states are broken/unusable

For those wondering about the climate entity icon colors Fix climate hvac action color by piitaya · Pull Request #14747 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub :ok_hand:

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@Mariusthvdb ^

Yea, I saw that earlier today while fine tuning some automation thresholds for our heating switch.
It did make me chuckle a bit :slight_smile:

Unordered/multiple states still look fine - though I don’t think they were included in the 2022.12 release.
This is probably the only one I look at occassionally.

You can just add a unit of measurement to that to see a graph instead of that rainbow


please people have a look. Ive been talking with Martin cs on a dedicated binary_sensor for heater, mainly because this was the outcome of a short PR discussion on an icon PR I did. was the wrong class, so (we) figured a new class for heater would be best/appropriate.

Using Plugwise myself, they’re already 3 binary_sensors that would benefit the new class.

binary_sensor.opentherm_dhw_state , binary_sensor.opentherm_flame_state and binary_sensor.opentherm_heating

An additional device_class is only considered if more integrations would use that.

So if you could, please chime in here Add device_class: heater · Discussion #841 · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub with an integration you use creating a binary_sensor for a heater like above.

As they are binary sensors that would fit under my custom device class FR nicely.

Not really on topic.

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I am also having the problem where all of my binary sensors for presence, doors, and motion are gold for both on and off, even when using your theme and automation.

Is there any way to fix these classes of sensors? It is now impossible to ever know if a door is open with any visual cues of any kind except a text alert, which is not desired, at all.

Are you running 2022.12.4 and are you talking about the icons in the dashboard, or the history graph? I am not seeing that in the dashboard, but there is a bug in the history graph in 2022.12.4, which is being addressed. I assume in 2022.12.5.

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That’s a bug, already fixed. Waiting on the release that includes it. (not in 2022.12.4) 2022.12 Color states are broken/unusable - #387 by petro


Ohhhh, ok, great thank you! I will make sure to check the release notes and not delay upgrading to 12.5 when it is released.

@robertwigley - Yes, I was meaning the history graph (we use that heavily in our house, which I also realize is probably not quite the norm)

Thanks folks, now I know I can stop messing with it until 12.5 is pushed

Here are the release notes of the frontend to be included in 2022.12.5, out in an hour or two


thank you so much, I believe that this will fix any of the issues I currently have :slight_smile:

Can you again explain shortly the reason for this and/or the needed differences to other classes?

Believe this is still not working as hoped for ?

Climate entity is idle but still the Heating (Verwarmen) is causing the red color.

Pr Fix climate hvac action color by piitaya · Pull Request #14747 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

Again, more-info is correct:

Auto is green even when idle.

heating on, green flame:

and because those are my themed colors (sorry for posting those), here’s the default:

It’s working correctly for me. Icon is gray when set to heat (but not heating) and it is red when set to heat and heating.

Do not find this logical.

My thermostat is set to heat mode, keeping the house temperature at 74 degrees, however the house is currently at 74 so it is not currently producing heat (hvac_action is idle).

This is how the climate entity icons coloring has worked for a very long time prior to 2022.12

Thanks. Looks like this should correct a few more issues. :slight_smile: Updating now…

That would be great! As well as history color of the entity states!

For me a keyword was “grey” - and grey colors here were introduced not " a very long time prior to 2022.12".
Once again - I do not think that the “set to heat (but not heating)” state should be grey.
And again - if all colors are themeable then it is unimportant if it is grey magenta or striped; but all possible states must have their own variable.