2022.2: Let's start streamlining!

See my msg directly above yours :+1:t2:

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the new Zone state feature was pulled, because in the beta discussion arose on several features and lack thereof. Paulus stated it will be done, and back, but only when properly thought through and implemented. see https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/65344

As Frenck siad it:

We had quite the discussion yesterday, and there are multiple solutions possible, but all would imply either many last minute changes OR a possible breaking change again next release
thus we reverted the zone state for now, as neither case is a wishful situation
This gives the opportunity to look at the possible solutions better, test it in dev, tweak, give it a new beta test and release it next month

in general…


And same about the current installed HA version - it is unavailable very often.
Does anyone see the same?

:rofl: That ship sailed two years ago.

Another great update, thanks a lot!

It seems the update would be easier for most people if they just read the breaking changes and/or the updated documentation for integrations.

I also created a simple blueprint to help LG webOS users migrate to the new turn on format.


Guys, i updated, all OK, but see below, it doesnt tell me the platform thats converted?
So no idea what i need to remove now?

2022-02-03 12:36:24 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.version] Configuration of the Version platform in YAML is deprecated and will be removed in Home Assistant 2022.4; Your existing configuration has been imported into the UI automatically and can be safely removed from your configuration.yaml file
2022-02-03 12:36:24 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.version] Configuration of the Version platform in YAML is deprecated and will be removed in Home Assistant 2022.4; Your existing configuration has been imported into the UI automatically and can be safely removed from your configuration.yaml file

edit; found it , its “version”

The new “Check updates” feature is added:


I am running HA in Docker.
If this feature is for HAOS only - why do I see it here?

If it was specified for HAOS only - I will create an issue then.
But it was not.
OK, probably the feature is NOW available only for HAOS and may be ported to other installation types later.

Actually, I am interested in “why version is unavailable?” only…
Other things seem to work smooth.

its by design, i asked in beta and was told its a fyi

that’s not really a huge surprise isn’t it? :wink:

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yeah, saw it too late :slight_smile:

@perjury1 I’m running Home Assistant OS, and know it’s been on Python 3.9 for some time, so not finding this path is a bit of a concern. I’m wondering if it’s the check that’s flawed?

I am not able to install 2022.2.0

22-02-03 13:23:29 ERROR (SyncWorker_3) [supervisor.docker.interface] Can’t install ghcr.io/home-assistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:2022.2.0: 404 Client Error for http+docker://localhost/v1.41/images/ghcr.io/home-assistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:2022.2.0/json: Not Found (“no such image: ghcr.io/home-assistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:2022.2.0: No such image: ghcr.io/home-assistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant:2022.2.0”)

Is someone else getting this error ?

personally, I really wish we had an option to allow new device_trackers to be enabled upon discovery. since https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/63328 newly discovered device_trackers are disabled,

and have no attributes in the entity_registry_updated event_type resulting in:


  - alias: New device registered config
    id: New device registered config
    mode: queued
      platform: event
      event_type: entity_registry_updated
        action: create
    condition: >
      - variables:
          data: >
          entity: >
          name: >
          host: >
          ip: >
          mac: >
          source: >
          id: >
          config: >
            - entity: {{entity}},

            - name: {{name}},

            - host: {{host}},

            - ip: {{ip}},

            - mac: {{mac}},

            - source_type: {{source_type}}

            - id: {{id}}
          time: >
          title: >
            {{time}} - New device registered: {{name}}
          message_body: >
           New device config: {{config}}

(devices that are enabled upon discovery according to the new device_tracker logic do show all/most of these fields populated.)

after enabling the tracker we can see all attributes are in fact there:

either bring back the enabled option, or, if possible, also provide details on disabled device_trakcers…

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Do you have enough spare disk space?

What are your DNS settings?

This is a possible upgrade path, but its more complexity.
Big shame that its necessary - IMO the WWN component should be marked deprecated but with indefinite life.
If it breaks then it breaks, but should be kept until that point.

After the update the VLC stopped working for me:
[725cf600] http stream error: cannot resolve homeassistant.local: Name does not resolve
[725cf600] access stream error: HTTP connection failure
[725cf600] main stream error: cannot resolve homeassistant.local port 8123 : Name does not resolve
[725cf600] http stream error: cannot connect to homeassistant.local:8123
[727245d0] main input error: Your input can’t be opened
[727245d0] main input error: VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘http://homeassistant.local:8123/media/media/Disarmed.mp3?authSig=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiI4ZWRkYTZhNmViMTk0YzdjOWRjM2FkN2JlNmU5ZDZlNCIsInBhdGgiOiIvbWVkaWEvbWVkaWEvRGlzYXJtZWQubXAzIiwiaWF0IjoxNjQzODg4OTU4LCJleHAiOjE2NDM5NzUzNTh9.TlVweec10EmTiNrv2Vi-4azCFJHn2uaNxjYvHyP9FJ4’. Check the log for details.

What could be the problem?

Fyi, I disabled the backup before update… and it worked fine !

I needed to exclude certain things like zeroconf. They can be overridden but not excluded.

Is anyone having issues with google cast changing how it works? Seems like a breaking change but I haven’t seen one listed.

For example, device states for my android tv within google cast (dont confuse with androidtv please its a different integration) now show ‘idle’ instead of ‘off’ when they are off.

Also I am having a very weird thing happening in that my android tv device (unknown if this is home assistant but its the only thing that has changed) powering off randomly while I am watching it. Anyone else feel the wife and kids frustration with me? :slight_smile:

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