2022.2: Let's start streamlining!

Now we are talking!

You can template that, no need for an option.

So, you’re saying we can just template a template.

Dismissal received, loud and clear. :expressionless:

No, I’m saying include the logic in your original template… my god dude, relax.

Same here, –daemon and –pid-file are unrecognized, we need help :sob:

(homeassistant) [email protected]:/srv/homeassistant$ hass -v --config /home/daniel/.homeassistant --pid-file /var/run/hass/hass.pid --log-file /var/log/homeassistant/home-assistant.log --daemon
usage: hass [-h] [--version] [-c path_to_config_dir] [--safe-mode] [--debug] [--open-ui] [--skip-pip] [-v] [--log-rotate-days LOG_ROTATE_DAYS]
            [--log-file LOG_FILE] [--log-no-color] [--script ...] [--ignore-os-check]
hass: error: unrecognized arguments: --pid-file /var/run/hass/hass.pid --daemon


I understand you are frustrated and happy to chat with you more this, but see Legacy Nest - #7 by allenporter for the rationale behind the decision.

I’m pretty surprised at the reaction I have to admit. I set what I thought was a pretty reasonable time frame to give someone a chance to spin up a custom component. Do you think this won’t happen and nobody will volunteer to do this very straightforward task? I would do it (since it is pretty simple) but don’t want to give you the wrong expectation that I can maintain it given I don’t have a works with nest account. I am pretty surprised this qualifies at not putting thought into this given I’ve been maintaining this integration for the last year and a half without even having a works with nest account… It would be pretty a interesting sign to me if nobody found it worth the minimal effort to take over the existing code!

For example, someone is already working on a nest protect custom component prior to this.


I have a hard time understanding how you can have installed and managed a core installation and not be able to tackle this.

From a pure CLI, just use “nohup” or “screen” to achieve the same as “–daemon”.

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Thanks, I actually just used “screen” to run HA in background. After all I will look for better solution when I’ll have more time:)

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This appears to be fixed in 2022.2.3

I do not run my HA in a RPi , but i have Octoprint.
My solution for the cooling was a KSD-01F Temperature Switch. It is a hardware solution and it has been working for a couple of years now without any problems.
I just screwed the switch to a cooling block for the RPi CPU and glued it on there.


Mine isn’t showing stuff from spotify at all! I’ve gone to https://my.exampleurl.com/media-browser (this isn’t a real link, don’t click it) and all it shows there is “local” which no longer has the network share I mounted there, just “floppy”, “cdrom”, and “usb” and “xbox game media” which is always empty. Is that the wrong place? Do I have to do some special configuration to the spotify integration to make it work?

You are running 2022.2.3? They fixed some Spotify stuff.

I am, but the media browser isn’t showing anything from spotify nonetheless.

Core-2022.2 appears to have broken localtuya.
No longer visible in Integrations. Devices no longer available.
Logs say: “Setup failed for localtuya: Integration not found”.

Have I missed something?

I’ve been looking at the button-card. Why should i use the input_button in stead?
Im’ just trying to find out a use-case for it. No reason to feel attacked.

was looking for that too, but then found one:


    name: Wake Synology Nas
    icon: mdi:nas

which is a simple button to execute a script directly:


  - alias: Wake Synology Nas
    id: Wake Synology Nas
      platform: state
      entity_id: input_button.wake_synology_nas
      service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
        mac: !secret synology_mac

and, you Shouldn’t, but you could. Only a single press required. Nice.

Ofc, many other ways available too, like a single script. Or Button, or, button row, or, custom:button-card, or…
the beauty of things, is you have a choice :wink:

Still works for me.

See reply by Mariusthvdb.

No reason to feel I am being attacked.

ok, in that case, it looks fine. (although, I would still choose a button-card, sorry :slight_smile: , as it offers more choices… )
(probably a case of professional habit. I’m a professional analyst programmer. (not python) When creating programs for clients, you know, they always want just a bit more . In this case, I would probably get the question :"Pressing once, starts the nas? And pressing twice, stops it again? :slight_smile: )
Anyway, thanks for answering!