2023.3: Dialogs!

just found an issue with the Unit_convertion when a Utility_meter (helper) is using the entity as source…

  1. Create Utility_meter helpers (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  2. Link your Energy sensor as source (unit_of_measurement == kWh)
  3. Utility_meters are showing 0.00 kWh

Change the unit of measurement to MWh…
Change the precision (?)
Change the unit of measurement back to kWh…
Change the precision (?)

the Utility_meters are showing some values they should not have:

I don’t know if the change of precision is really required… but it is the only explanation I do have at the moment why the utility meters are not showing the exact same value as the source sensor…

Github issue:

found another issue with the unit conversation in the statistics graph… :-/
The value will be recalculated, but the unit of measurement will remain the same.

Github issue:

What type of Bluetooth devices did you have? I’ve the update and would like to use the Shelly Gen2 as well. If you can detail your config that would be awesome. Thanks.

Since I had other integrations that broke I reverted from a backup really quick. When I updated to a later release the bluetooth integration worked, was a bit slow to start and see my devices. The Shelly Bluetooth bridge works fine with my thermo pro devices.

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Apologies if this has been mentioned yet, I did look through this thread and didn’t see it. It’s also nothing major…

When I go to logbook or history, and tap on Start Date or End Date to change the date/hours, the month of February shows in the date picker.

Previously, it would show the current month, and the current date selected in blue. So today it would show the month of March, but instead it’s showing February.

The current March date is selected, so it has the correct date selected, but the date picker itself shows February.

As I said, nothing major.

I’m on 2023.3.3, on a raspberry pi. A restart didn’t fix it.

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There is an issue open for this and a fix has been merged for a future release.

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this really confused me :smiley:
Was not sure, if I have changes something unintensionally that caused this behave ^^

Thanks for confirming this as an issue

I have an issue with the change to ONVIF providing the switch control for ir cut filter (infrared light). My IP Cameras support this feature and so I got new switches for the IR for each camera. The ONVIF standard allows 3 states for the ir cut filter control - on/off/auto. However, with the switch you can only set on or off.
Have I missed how you set the camera back to auto operation?
Currently the ir cut filter only stays in the state dictated by the switch. I need auto mode back somehow.

Is there anyway we could get a feature flag or something to turn off the new dialogs? I honestly hate them. They look nice sure, but 98% of the time I’m clicking/tapping into a light or switch, it’s because I’m looking for the history. And the other 2% of the time, it’s to change the color or temperature of the light. So now instead of this all being 1 click/tap into the light and I can do or see anything I need, I have to click around multiple times.


This is not true at all. Happy to test upgrades with non-production systems but I don’t install any updates unless they haven’t had minor version updates for at least 1 month.

I can’t get room temperature information with assist.
I have correctly assigned a temperature sensor to a room. The sentence is correctly transcited and corresponds to what the script expects. But it is as if the link between the areas and the measurement is not made. Is there something more to do?

But then we’re already on the next monthly update…catch22 then?

Although it turned out that users’ complains are simply ignored (check new PRs, currently more domains getting these shiny & more-or-less useless more-info windows), I will post this anyway.
Check this more-info window for a “restored” entity - now the “Delete” button is hidden, a challenge for beginners:
Since this cannot be considered as a bug, created a post in Discussions.


HA crashed while doing the most recent xx.5 update and now won’t start.


I had the Create Backup option ticked. Is there any way to roll back from the console ?

Ok i managed. Command was

ha backups restore [slugname]

I thankfully had a full backup from early febuary and am working my way restoring the partials backups i have until core_2023.3.3 – which i’ll stick to.

Still I lost a bunch of customization i spent hours creating. Moral of the story: Don’t upgrade.

Not really, if anything just do a backup before upgrading. But many users upgrade smoothly and never have issues like you experienced.

I did.

I thought the “create backup” option created, well, a usable backup – but turns out it’s only a partial backup that can’t be restored as is - at least it didn’t allow me to. So i had to rollback even further to a full backup i thankfully did 6 weeks ago, but that one has overwritten all my configs and customizations i made since.

HA was working fine, i didn’t need to upgrade and now i regret that i did.


There are plenty of people on 2023.3.5 who’s updates went smooth, so stop spreading FUD.

Your system had an error, but that doesn’t make it universal.


I fixed your mistake above.


HA is free software built for free by volunteers and I get that. I love it and really and i’m super grateful for a self-hosted IOT system.

It’s a bit quirky tho. I’ve only been using HA for two months. Perhaps those quirks are common knowledge for experienced users – and i did read the strong suggestions to create a backup before updating which, again, I thought i was doing. Given that the option is located in the core update confirmation dialog, one could reasonably expect that it will, in fact, backup the system.

Can we agree that this option is misleading ? It lulled me into a false sense of security when in reality it is *not* a full backup.


And yes i am aware this is not the current version but the dialog is the same. i picked a screenshot online as HA is somehow updated to 2023.3.5 now while i left it at 2023.3.3 which at this point i’m just not going to question how

I am not using hyperbole when i say i lost a lot of time – most of my customizations i did after that full backup i manually triggered early on. I was happy with my setup, but now i have to basically start over so apologies for the frustration in my previous posts.

You do know that it only backs up what it is updating only, right? Otherwise go into settings and do the backup there