2023.8: Translated services, events, and wildcards!

The links to june and july in the post are incorrect.
june does not exist and july forward to the june post.

The only part that seems surprising to me is that the PR that finally removed it was marked as a deprecation, not a breaking change, so it didn’t show up in the breaking changes section of the release notes.

I would expect that a deletion that comes at the end of a well managed deprecation cycle is still considered a breaking change, and worth calling out as such. You should still do it, just some better labeling would cause fewer surprises.

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+1 to the fact this wasn’t a breaking change on the list.

My surprise came from the fact it’s been removed from home assistant before WWN was killed by Google (scheduled for the end September) so I assumed it would go at the same time in the 2023.9 release.

Obviously I am grateful that it’s been left in so long as you’re right it’s been unsupported etc for a while - just felt a bit off to kill it off earlier than needed.

Either way, the time has come to move off the old API, so I will soon!

Just to clarify the original deprecation was added 3+ releases ago? It filed a repair issue. Are you saying it didn’t work or did you upgrade across 3+ versions?

This removal PR was a breaking change, but it was missed from being added to the release notes, which should be fixed. Sorry I didn’t catch that omission from the release notes as I’ve been under the weather, but the PR definitely is breaking.

Anyway, yes, agreed glad to move on.

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I replied below to a second comment, but there was a full deprecation cycle including repair issue and properly labeled PRs. I think it’s just missing from the release notes in the sea of PRs. I’ll follow up and make sure it is added.

Ther is no need to do anything.

[PSA: MQTT Name changes in 2023.8](https://PSA: MQTT Name changes in 2023.8)

The problem with repairs for deprecations work like this:

Oh look, nest will need me to do something by August, but I don’t like these repairs cluttering my UI so I’ll click it away.

Then you forget.

Perhaps instead of “ignore” or “skip” there should be an option to put them in a “to do” list.

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Does 23.8.1 have release notes?

Yes Release 2023.8.1 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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My experience is that ignored updates come back every once in a while. It would be good if ignored repairs function similarly.

Ok. It us d to be in the blog post.

I can’t explain why it is not, perhaps the update person is a little busy.

I think you should be here PSA: MQTT Name changes in 2023.8

So you didn’t read the first comment in this thread which is brightly highlighted and explains everything about this?

The problem is that pinned comment doesn’t show pinned on the release notes page 2023.8: Translated services, events, and wildcards! - Home Assistant which is what is linked from the UI when you do the update.
The text on the release note really does need an update to be a little clearer. After spending several minutes it seems all will be good in Sep when I can update zigbee2mqtt but this change is going to worry a lot of people unnecessarily, which wouldn’t be the case if the patch notes explained it better (or even better had it be deferred for a month)


Now that sentence triggers have been improved, could someone explain to me the differences and benefits of sentence triggers vs adding custom sentences…? When to use which?

Custom sentences use sentence triggers. So what your asking really doesn’t make sense.


had the same problem but the new update 2023.8.1 fixed that, thank you for fixing !!

Is anyone aware if the TP-Link Kasa Smart problems have been fixed in 2023.8.1? Just checking before I update.

According to the post right above yours it was fixed.