2024.5: Just a little bit smaller

I guess you could read the source.

I have a “couple” of integrations (hacs), so while I appreciate the answer, it’s not feasible :wink::blush:
Something like the yaml pre reboot check

So you want someone else to search for you?

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There is no static analyzer available to detect it ahead of time. That task is currently handled by humans doing code reviews. There may be no code review for custom integrations as they do not need to pass the same quality gates to merge code to Home Assistant core, so it’s up to the integration author to test for this. Unfortunately, if they still need to do that, you’ll be privileged to test it when you upgrade.

Also, if the check does trigger, it doesn’t mean that the problem is new; it only means that Home Assistant is now capable of detecting the problem via newer Runtime error detection.


If you find a thread safety problem in an integration and need to report it, be sure to include the guide on fixing thread safety bugs in integrations at Thread safety with asyncio | Home Assistant Developer Docs in the issue. This might speed up the process of helping whoever is working on it solve the problem.


Hi Axel,

I had the same problem after updating to 2024.5.5 → node red custom sensors are not available after update. Did a roll-back too.
Did you find out something more about the issue?

Yes, I had to individually upgrade Nodes from the Palette and THEN do the NR update.