2FA added to the Unifi Ubiquiti component

Good morning,
I would like to be able to connect my Unifi Ubiquiti controller even if 2FA is active on my account, is it possible?

It would be useful for me to have extra security on my home system and network

You can create a local account without 2fa

I understand, but for security I would like them to add the possibility of being able to use the unifi controller 2FA

There is a solution somewhere in the forums, you can use:
password|2FAcode instead of just your password.

This should be added to the documentation


thanks it worked

Amazing chrisgrou. How did you figure that out? Thanks

This will become more of an issue shortly as Ubiquiti is implementing 2FA as mandatory.

Can someone please point me at the location of password|2FAcode as my Google Fu seems to be weak this morning? :slight_smile:


The answer:
Unifi network not working with two factor · Issue #71442 · home-assistant/core (github.com)

I have yet to try it.

Does not stick - requires re-authorization every three to four hours.


i just got this mail from Unifi

Hello XXXX

We wanted to extend a reminder that, beginning July 22, 2024, 
**multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be mandatory for all 
accounts.** You may choose an authentication method below, 
or visit 


If you do not have an authentication method configured by the 
deadline, you will default to **email authentication** using 
the registered email on your account.

Does this mean i will not be able to make a local account ?

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This does not apply to local accounts.


for anyone wondering what a local account in this context is:

  • the user you may use to login via your LAN and at https://account.ui.com is not a user of a local account. IMO, for this account you have to enable 2FA by July 22.
  • You have to set-up a new / 2nd user in your “OS Setting” (Admins & Users > + > Add Admin).
  • → Now, you’ve got a user of a local account you may use to login via your LAN but not at https://account.ui.com. No F2A is needed for this kind of user…
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