32 channel ethernet relay module – KinCony KC868-H32

I had some issues with that due to lack of updates. Here is a updated fork:

Thank you @fiLLLip, and my mistake - actually I also used this one as it did seem more recent and maintained. So scratch my remark about the shamruk integration.

Do you expect this to work with multiple modules? I want to use two or three of them in total, is there anything to change or adapt to the configuration?

And BTW thank you for making this available!

That I haven’t tested, and I only have one module, so I can’t test it either :blush:

Hello @fiLLLip, is there a way to integrate the inputs from the module into HA? I’d like for instance to add my ‘dumb’ doorbell button.

By the way @bigramon have you checked if there are firmware updates available? They seem to release quite a few bug corrections, and also new features (compatibility with Loxone, interlock mode, etc.)


No, I gave up on Kincony and moved on.
So far so good with Dingtian + also have both NO/NC options on the relays.

@fiLLLip I’m using the integration with a H32B Pro and it has some issues. I don’t see how I can open an issue on github, is this possible? I was thinking of providing you with a network capture to analyse this…

The integration I support is not the pro version as far as I know. Maybe they have another way of integrating that one? Like MQTT?

I have been using the MQTT integration for a few weeks now, with H32B Pro cards, and it’s very stable and fast.

After a few weeks, I need to take that back: the hardware is not reliable. Out of three boards, two have relays that stay stuck after a few days of use. It’s not even the relays that are the most, or the least, used: this looks random. For a short while, tapping on the relays helped, and they became unstuck, but this is not the case anymore - the relays seem dead.

Apparently this is due to the LED lights that are switched, and I need to use an additional high-power switch. Annoying…