A better way to do PIP camera in android tv with Tapo (TPLINK)

Hi, I setup home assistant to send a notification ( on button press) of an outside camera in my android tv. it’s really but super slow

my issue is I wasn’t able to find a web link or something so I used the service camera.snapshot then I saved the snapshot the I display it on the tv …

Is there a better way to do it ?



As I understand the current situation latency of video is always going to be any issue if you are going through home assistant - there are technical reasons for this that are being worked on. This thread is useful but quite techie in places - I tried all the camera platforms so you don't have to

if you are using thre tapo Cameras then I highly recomend using this plugin [Custom Component] Tapo: Cameras Control developed by @JurajNyiri

I use automations that are triggered by the motion detectors in the Tapo cameras to record 30s video clips of the HD stream. I have a wireless doorbell thats got an DIY wirless hack (ESP32) into it so I when the doorbell is pressed the SD stream is cast to a nest hub, so same principle as to android TV.

Happy to provide more info but suggest you take a read of those two threads.


Actually, if you add the Tapo cameras to your Google Home, then you should be able to use the Google Home integration of the Tapo to display it on the Android TV.
If you can give commands to Google Home from HA, then you are fully set. (It would ditch the issue of the HA delay, but probably the Google Home would have some delay as well.)

@GSzabados good call. depends if you want your stuff in the cloud. :slight_smile: There is still a slight delay and you wont get any motion sensors or PTZ control via google. You could use both at the same time and maybe not expose the cameras to Google in HA. You may get clashes if google and HA try and access cameras at the same time still.