A/C automation

The plugin can be found in HACS
to connect HVAC I had to get the encryption key, the mac address and set a fixed IP, the encryption key I obtained with the help of a routed phone in which I installed an application, (you can find details on the forums)

Thanks for your reply but unfortunately my unit only supports IR and not Wi-Fi.

You can succeed by implementing this: https://github.com/1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway

Good luck

Actually, I am currently using a Broadlink Mini 3 to control it but it is a bit of a hassle as I have to program the IR codes for every possible combination of mode/fan/temp.
Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for sharing your codes. Used it and adjust to my environment and conditions. Since I don’t have central air but split system units. I added the season integration and add condition to only turn on the AC during summer.

Thanks a lot for your example! It helped me a lot to get it started (with changes regarding the Canadian climate… Lol). I wanted to know if you knew a way to send the parameters below in one shot? (my Fujitsu unit bip for every command receive…). I see on the API documentation of the Sensibo they use acStates and some json but I don’t know how to send that request.

Hi @PierreCa… sorry, I just put up with the multiple beeps on my system. One option (if you don’t really change the temp/fan/swing setting much) would be to just use service: climate.turn_on which would turn it on with whatever setting were used last time.

Hi @AussieByrd
Would you be able to post some more info as to where to put the snippets you had in the first post?
I am very new to this and have not learned the file structure and don’t know where to put stuff.

Hi @TomW1605, if you’re just starting out just probably don’t have a terribly complicated setup yet, so just put the sensors in your configuration.yaml file (temperature sensors, threshold sensors) and automations in your automations.yaml file.

I actually have a pretty large setup, so I use packages to separate out aspects of my config. All of my A/C config are in a climate_control.yaml file in a packages folder (the folder sits in the same folder as the configuration.yaml file. If you’re interested in using this approach, you just need to add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

  packages: !include_dir_named packages

Just bear in mind that if using packages you need to include automation: before the - alias: lines with adjusted indents) in my snippets, like this:

  - alias: downstairs_ac_on_after_645pm
    initial_state: true

thanks @AussieByrd
at the moment i am mostly interested in (for now) is getting the sensors working and because i had no sensors in my config file i was missing the line above - platform: template but i found that so all good.
also thanks for the stuff about automation i will almost certainly set that up soon