A doorbell connect to Home assistant

I wonder if that is any good wireless doorbell that works with Zigbee/Z-wave/Wifi that I can buy and also connect to Home assistant?

Do you happen to have a regular dumb doorbell? I added contact sensors to my old fashioned chime

I am using a Doorbird as doorbell… The integration allow to interact with the doorbell as well as seeing the camera into HA…


Hi and thanks for the replay
No I have no regular dumb doorbell.
Right now I have a Nexa wireless doorbell that works with 433Mhz and is not easy to connect it to the HA. That why I looking for replace that with something else.

Look nice but I already have a camera :slight_smile:

Sorry for bumping old thread, but I also have old Nexa doorbell. I added it to rtl_433 and made a sensor for the time value.

    - name: "Doorbell"
      state_topic: "rtl_433/xxxx-rtl433/devices/Nexa-Security/y/xxxx/time"
      unique_id: 'lastDoorBellRingTime'

Then just made automation triggered by the state change.

Note: It is also possible to use rflink, but it seems much more complicated.