A new mystery file popped up in my config directory

Has anyone else seen this file in their config directory?


when I open it the contents are simply “Ok”.

I have no idea where it’s coming from but it is getting updated about every 40-60 seconds.

the first time it shows up in my config is in v2021.5 but I just never noticed it until now.

Must be from an integration I don’t see that file.

Ill have to look back and see if i can find any integrations that i installed at around the same time.

I know that a simple “OK” (in all caps) can be generated by GPG in some cases on my computer, usually the filename is just “1” in my home directory, that is surprisingly close to the behavior you are seeing, is it possible an integration or addon is calling GPG for some reason?

I don’t use add-ons so that is a negative. I just checked by doing a file compare between my backup of v2021.4 & v2021.5 and there were no new custom integrations added then either.

the result is “Ok” (not all caps) and I have no idea why anything would be running GPG (I had no idea what that was until I googled it after you mentioned it) so I don’t think that’s it.

there was a blueprint that was added (not sure how since I don’t use those either) so I got rid of that and the “nul” file but the “nul” file came back immediately after a restart.

So I’ve still got some digging to do.

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions so far tho.

I found it…

It was a command-line sensor I added to get the status of the zwavejs server.

The code was taken from this post and I apparently misunderstood what the last part of the command actually did.

command: 'curl -H "Accept: text/plain" > nul && (echo "Ok") || (echo "Error")'

But I was able to remove that part and the binary sensor seems to still be working and no longer writing that data to the file.

Mystery solved!

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