A safety question

For info 1 HP (Horse Power) is about 735 W

Remove the plug, it’s safer.
At least whilst you are considering your purchase.

You can factor in the cost per kWh of the unit you will be saying goodbye to (vs any new one) as part of the justification. They (new ones) usually use less water too. All-in you are saving the environment and will become a ‘Green Warrior’

Just dispose of the old one so it can get recycled (i.e. Properly ! ).

Yes. All of the washing machine’s components, employed to control its motor, are already properly rated to handle its characteristics.

“And it will come the time where a man buyeth his new washing machine solely on the criterion that it haveth a working Home Assistant Integration.”


Yes absolutely. When I install something new it has to be able to connect to my Home Assistant. Why bother if it can’t xD

Grain of truth in everything … I admit it: I would, too. So washing machine manufacturers, watch out! :wink:

And if you shouldn’t use open standards or your company cloud even, be aware your machine will be flashed with modified software!

I have been thinking of hacking my clothes dryer to include an ESP8266 running ESPhome in order to get status feedback and possibly even control. The same could be done with a washing machine It may happen one of these days but I have too many other projects that are higher on the priority list.

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I was about to write: “In earlier days, I’d have modified the machine myself, but in my age, it’s more programming than soldering.” Hee hee.

If you just want to know when it has finished, try a vibration sensor.