Ability to Name Z-Wave Device When They're Added

Prior to the removal of z-wave renaming in the z-wave configuration section in 0.77.X, my process of adding devices looked like this:

  1. Add the z-wave device.
  2. Rename it in the z-wave configuration section.
  3. Delete all of the nodes and z-wave device from the entity registry.
  4. Restart HA and it’d recreate all of the nodes using the z-wave name.

The process seems to have become more convoluted since the rename option was removed, especially with z-wave devices that create 6-7 devices like a multi-sensor. I now either have to edit everything directly in the registry file, or manually hunt for the devices in the UI and rename them there. Please note that I’m talking about the actual entity name, e.g. zwave.sensor_abc123_node1_alarm_type. I use the entities in Node Red and it makes it extremely difficult to figure out which is which with the default entity names.

I’d envision something like this in a perfect world: you successfully add a device, HA prompts you for the name, and it then creates all of the nodes based on that name. Smart Things does something similar, i.e. you’re given an option to rename right after it’s added.

Minor rant is available here.


In fact, I’d like any “discovered” device (i.e. I don’t have a specific line for it in a config file) to show up in some kind of panel like “newly added devices” where they sit, and do nothing, and are not in the UI until I acknowledge them by clicking an “OK” button, or naming it, or whatever.

When I add a Hue Lamp, a new Xiaomi device, a new Wemo outlet, etc, etc… they just get added. And then I have to hunt for them in dev-state to even know what they are called and to be able to rename them. It’s especially nasty with ZWave devices because one “device” is often 5 or 10 different entities (motion sensors especially do this), most of which I don’t even need.


You do actually see them at the top of your home screen, but i must agree i prefer a “these are new” with the option to only select the ones you want to use. A lot of power items on my z-wave devices i don’t use. Let alone the “earthquake sensor” in the fibaro motion sensor. I got tons of blacklists to not show all the crap that comes with it :slight_smile:

So the original poster should just change the topic to say something like “Name items when they are added, as example z-wave” to get some more traction since this could be very handy with any device.

And not to shatter your hope, but if you go into configuration -> integrations -> select the “>” arrow next to your z-wave devices you get a complete page of all your z-wave items + what belongs to what. I find this also helpfull. Looks like spaghetti for me but it works.

This needs to be fixed. I can see the dead device in the config > integrations > zwave but can’t click to edit or delete or anything… I just want to get back my old entity id.

Just to add some freshness. If you add a zwave device right now it will get the name of the company / type of device.

So say you have a fibaro motion sensor, its called “Fibaro Motion sensor Version x etc etc” and all these devices have a base name of “fibaro.motion.sensor.xx.xxx.xxxx etc etc” as entity_id

Now we all know we can find that entity and use the cog wheel and change the name of that entity but you cannot change the name of the zwave device. (still prefer when adding to give a name, otherwise you have to rename 10 entities perhaps) You can go to integrations page zwave and see all the items and change the name of the zwave device to something more usefull to keep them apart. But… this does not change the name in the zwave control panel.

That said, i think effort is on its way to support openzwave 1.6 in HA and hopefully some of these items can be fixed. I have now 57 zwave devices and it takes a whopping 14 minutes to get booted and up and running. Once its up and running it does work as it should.