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The Python script was introduced in 0.47. The scripts are exposed as services and could help you to do improve your setup.

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How can you import python modules in the scripts used by the new python_script component? Seems like it is not allowed, which limits this component in my opinion.

Im trying to pass data to a script in json format, but can’t import the json module to further process the data.

What do I need to modify in the python_script component to allow import and open/write to files? (thinking of just creating a custom module).

Ditto re MQTT MQTT with Python Script component

Overall the python script feature looks interesting, but I’m still trying to get a handle on what’s allowed and what is not. For example, I tried the following and got an error

def a():

def b():


File “house_demo.py”, line 33, in b
NameError: name ‘a’ is not defined.

It seems like I can define a() and use a() from the mainline, but I can’t define and use b() which calls a().

Is there a guide somewhere to help understand what’s allowed and what is not?

Thank you.


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Very nice feature.

Would be nice to be able perform some delays in python scipts,


Agreed. Some reasonable method of doing a short delay is often necessary when turning on or off several switches in a sequence (and probably for other things as well). I fully understand the need to restrict what can be done in these scripts, and I realize that long delays should be avoided, but no delay optional at all is a pretty severe limitation for an otherwise very useful HA extension.