Accessing HASS over Internet without PortForwarding


I just was asking myself, how is it possible to control my Hue-Bridge outside of my home network without forwarding any ports of my router? Wouldn’t that be possible somehow with HASS as well?

Would really appreciate if anybody could shortly explain why this works with Hue or an article in which something similar is described.

Thank you very much.

Your Hue Bridge reaches out and connects to a cloud service and you connect to that cloud service, which in turn connects you back into your network.

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Will work with other services too.

If you want to remote access your Philips Hue-Bridge from outside of your home network without setting up port-forwarding on your home router, then you need to use the Home Assistant SocketXP add-on. SocketXP creates a secure SSL/TLS tunnel directly to your Hue-Bridge by-passing your router. So no configuration of any sort is required on your home-router or at your Internet Service Provider. SocketXP also eliminates the need to track your Public IP address. SocketXP provides you a secure HTTPS URL through which you can remote connect and access the hue-bridge at your home.

You can read more about it in this community article: