:Bell: actionable (local/cloud free) notifications

Hello there!

I’m a very happy user of the minimal (cloud free) version of the companion app. As stated in the docs it’s missing two (google cloud only) features: location tracking and notifications.

What I actually wonder if there is any way to use actionable notifications locally. Technically speaking I use the companion app only locally (using wireguard when not physically connected to my local network).

I got lost a littlebit in the “notification jungle” because some are HTML others are for PWA and more are exclusively routed thru google servers if I understand right?

So actionable notifications are only possible signing a contract with google or is there also a local, privacy protecting way doing this?

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someone needs to spend their free time to build a local solution in order for the app to benefit from it. Same goes with location tracking, these things are complex and take a lot of time and effort while Google provides simple and easy solutions that are quite painless to implement.

As far as I know, the notifications don’t need to go through Google…

Take a look here at this blueprint:

You can simply call your Android app by using the correct notifier, I can’t see where this is going to Google, but please correct me, if I’m wrong.

You do realize this is an automation blueprint using a mobile_app notify service call that goes to Firebase Messages. The requirement literally says HA app installed. :wink:

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Thanks a lot for the link, I actually didn’t take a look, as I was sure, my firewall is properly set and I wouldn’t allow such connections… :woozy_face: Time to check that, fortunately I haven’t installed/implemented the app yet… :smiley: