Add a graphical docker to the supervisor tab

I really like the docker concept, but don’t like the lots of typing it involves. It would be really great if we could use the benefits of docker in a graphical way just as in the supervisor tab, where you can see if there is an update available and just click update.

Are you looking for something like portainer?

portainer is a step in the right direction, but still you need to type a lot to keep everything running. i would like a environment like, where you can access, check, confiigure and update everything via a graphical user interface. but with the benefits of docker, where you can keep the applications and data seperate. reïnstall with one click and small backups because you don’t backup the entire aplication with data, but only the data.

Sorry I don’t understand your request.

Home Assistant OS (the term has been deprecated for a long time) uses docker. Add-ons are docker containers, configured specifically to work well with the Home Assistant ecosystem. What benefits of docker are you talking about?

do you know the supervisor tab/button in the left pane?
that tab/button is missing in the docker version

Yes, because with docker you need to install docker containers yourself, you chose this path. If you want a graphical user interface then get the Supervised/Home Assistant OS version. As I said add-ons are just docker containers.

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so combine the two and get best of both worlds.

Again, Supervised/Home Assistant OS already uses docker.

allright, how can you rebuild the stack? (i’m not shure if i use the right terminology)

and the data and config, is that separated from the applications too? so you backup only data

Why do you need to rebuild the stack?

To be honest I don’t know if the snapshot in the supervisor include the image. But I don’t care. A complete backup of my whole VM including OS and all databases (ca. 25GB) takes less than 10 minutes.
It is also more comfortable to restore if the image is included in the backup, because otherwise you need to create the image first and then restore the config/data.

Why would anyone needs to rebuild the stack? for restoring corupted systemfiles etc.
you get a fresh install with every rebuild without the hassle of reconfiguring a new system.

so where have you seen that supervised HA runs on docker? there should be some containers somewhere, right?

Here’s a good overview of the different install methods, see the column “Uses Docker”. You can also check the code of the addons on github and you’ll see that these are docker files.

If you install portainer on Supervised and unhide hidden containers, you’ll see them.

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that’s what i was looking for indeed, i didn’t know portainer was available for supervised HA. but that is what i asked for. thanks!

now i need to learn how this works, i don’t see containers yet but i haven’t found the unnhide hidden containers, where can i find that?

i have no experience with portainer but saw some video’s.
in portainer i now see 0 containers, 0 stacks, 16 images, 0 volumes, 4 networks.

Go to Settings and scroll down to the hidden container section.

yes found it, thanks. but i’m not shure what i can do with those.