Add a service call for the ability to send a text command to Google Assistant

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There are a number of things I can do from Google Assistant that I cannot do from my Home Assistant automations, I’d like to have a service added to the google assistant component, google_assistant.send_request for example, that would send a text command to Google Assistant the same way that using the Google Assistant app you can send a text command.

  • My Google Assistant can use my ChromeCast’s HDMI CEC to turn on and off my TV.
  • My Google Assistant can easily play different kinds of media from different sources on my chromecast enabled devices.
  • My Google Assistant can control my Sonoff Devices on their stock firmware without having to flash Tasmota
  • My Google Assistant can manually trigger my Ring Doorbell to start a new recording, automating that can make my doorbell have a more up-to-date video feed into Home Assistant than what is currently possible since the ring component only allows for viewing of the most recent video recording, no live camera feed possible.
  • My Google Assistant can send broadcast messages throughout my home, a way of notifying around the home of things without having to send a tts in an MP3 that will interrupt and unrecoverably stop any media someone may be listening to/watching on the device you send the tts notification to.
  • My Google Assistant can integrate into so many more services and information and if we had a way to tap into it with home assistant, it could open up the entire Google Assistant ecosystem to Home Assistant.

Ideally the responce that Google Assistant sends back from any text commands could get fired as an event so that more advanced automations can happen too, but that is more of a stretch goal or icing for the cake. Just being able to send the text command at all would be a major deal.

Google Assistant Broadcast Feature

There’s an addon for this - Community Add-on: Google Assistant Webserver (broadcast messages without interrupting music)

Unfortunately I never got it working…


I would love additionally functionality with the Google Assistant component. The problem I have is that I am running Homeassistant on Windows so I can’t install the component above as I am not running; specifically I would like to broadcast messages. If anyone knows of an alternative way to get this working I would be grateful!