Add Map to Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

it is not my work - i just helped the person who is coding the otherone. Thank you for your response.

Is there anyone who tried to implement my solution? :hugs:


A good how to and I’ll give it a shot

Try to watch at the README on Github:

I will.for the moment I do. A full clean every morning …this creates map and zoned cleaning works but I’ll give it a try

Yes, it’s not something related with zoned cleaning, but you’ll have the option to see the vacuum run during the cleaning and draw the lines across the map in real time.

Hi, I’m lurking here a while now and decided to root my Vacuum!
As I already had the token it was quite easy, followed the steps and used using the ip and token.

Tried your way of adding the map and it’s working!
Had to change some things in the script tho, like directories and such.

Maybe you can add this more clear in your readme what to change?
For example, in the I had to change to RDIR, even tho above it says “### You shouldn’t touch anything below ###”.

Also in the config file I had to use my https to reach to navmap.
I hoped using just /local/navmap.png worked but unfortunately.

Anyway, it’s working now and that’s really cool!

Thanks for your hard work.

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Amazing! Nice job! Is it version 2 (Roborock S5)? Thanks!

Mine is V1, but like he said somewhere above, maybe it’s also possible with V2

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Just did it. Works nice (I ofc had to modify paths and such).

Maybe add a script that SCP:s stuff into the right folders given that you run it from a third machine?

Hello @Schneider, it’s absolutely possible to use this system also with v2.

I’ve just upgraded the github repo to explicitly confirm the compatibility with both v1 and v2.

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Thanks @Fietspomp for your confirmation, I’m glad to know that you’re successfully using my code.

I upgraded a little bit the repo to fit better the default paths making easier to install.

Great, it’s working fine here, glad to see you updated it for other people to use.

The rooting is quite simple by the way, especially if you already know the token from old MiHome apk.
Then rooting is done within 10 minutes.

What a time to be alive, rooting the vacuum :rofl:

Great, thank you @asphalter! Just hadn’t time to look for this for a month… and now it’s work (on my v2) :slight_smile:

But in your README you might change ‘chown’ into ‘chmod’.

My vacuum seems to create a new map file at least every time I start a full clean-up. It seems like the map files will stay in .hassbian/vacuum, each about 3MB. I think we should clean up the old files from time to time.

How does the FloleVac app connect to Xiaomi servers and download the maps?

Is there any way we can implement something like this?

@asphalter If HA crashes the lock-file prevent the script from running on restart. I fixed this by modifying my HA start script to delete the lock-file.

Actually i believe the FLOLE app does not access the Xiaomi Cloud as it requires home network access. Maybe its possible to download the Map from the Robot directly without modifying any firmware?

I read a post by Flole on roboter-forum that said it downloads from straight from Xiaomi. I hope there is a chance it can happen!

Seems like its a TradeSecret, i was asking the FLOLE APP Support for some tips on how to achieve it, and the answer was: They are not allowed to talk about it.

Flole got the map from the cloud. I have tried blocking internet access for my vac and the map wouldn’t show on Flole.