Add ons - how to set?

Dear All,

i’m a total beginner by home assistant and have some very basic and maybe stupid questions .


ubuntu headless server, home assistant installedas venv.


after digging, cound not find the answer to:

  • add ons - how to install?
  • where to find the listing off all add ons?
  • how to manually install an add on, by not having it in the menu?

Thx in advance!

You need to install home assistant or home assistant supervised to be able to use addons. This feature is not available for the version you have installed (home assistant core). See here:

Thx for the answer.

So in understand i shall remove the home assistant core and install home assistant.

I don’t want to have doker. Is it possible without docker? If yes, where can i find a guide (there are so many, and it’s quite confusing)?

Thx in advance

In the community guides forum category:

ok, this uses docker, which i want to avoid.

manually installing add ons (downloading from the repo),? any guide?

thx again!

No docker, no add-ons.

ok, i have node red installed and home assistant core. how to integrate it? any way?

as i understand, add ons are modules that gues home assiatnt with other programs.

am i correct?

Add-ons are docker containers of various software. If you want to install said software outside a docker container, you need to follow the directions for the software package. You should create a separate post in the node red section of the forums if you have questions on using node-red with home assistant core.