Add option to Cover Template to swap 0=Closed & 100=Open Position/Sate

The current Cover behavior has a forced OPEN state at position 100 and a CLOSED state at position 0. While this behavior is fine for objects like Gates, Garage Doors or Windows, I would however argue that for something like a Blind or a Curtain, it would be more desirable to have these state/position pairs swapped, with 0 being OPEN and 100 being CLOSED.

This swapped behavior can also not be achieved fully with the current Cover Template, since it contains the automatic state control feature based on cover position when both the “value_template” and “position_template” attributes are defined. In which again 0 is tied to CLOSED and 100 is tied to OPEN. So you end up with a template Cover that won’t be able to tell it’s current position value if you want to manually define an OPEN or CLOSED state.

Having said all this, I would like to request a change be pushed to either:

  • Add a feature to the default Cover entity to allow users to define their preferred OPEN and CLOSED state positions.
  • Remove the automatic state allocation based on position when both “value_template” and “position_template” are defined in the Cover Template.
  • Allow the Cover Template attribute “value_template” to overwrite the behavior of the automatic state allocation feature of the “position_template”.

I’ve made an additional post about the issue surrounding the lack of this feature, which is listed below and includes a more detailed explanation.