Add support for H.265 in stream component

On Android, the frontend setting camera_view: live won’t work. Use camera_view: auto instead.
See this comment: Add support for H.265 in stream component - #16 by uvjustin

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Just a note as I fumble with getting another Hikvision NVR to play nice with HA…the live streams can be pulled up fine on Android 11 (didn’t at first, had to try opening them several times before it suddenly started working.) But in HA/Opera/Windows 10, I just get a flickering panel which barely reads “Error with media stream contents…” I take it that h.265 isn’t supported in Opera. Checking, it isn’t supported in most browsers, and likely won’t be anytime soon, due to licensing issues.

Is there some way to programmatically tell if the stream is renderable? It would be beneficial if HA stopped playback altogether with an “unsupported encoding” message or similar. Or is this like h.264, where it initially wasn’t supported by browsers, then eventually was?

Streaming from this NVR at rtsp://user:pass@NVRipaddress:554/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/102/ works. I noticed that if I typed NVRipaddress:80/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/102 into Opera, it showed XML which stated the stream was h.265 so maybe the tag is present in the RTSP stream also.

It looks like it won’t be supported in most browsers except Safari and Edge. HEVC has been in use for many years now but Google seems quite intent on discouraging its use. If you’re on Mac/iOS there should be no problem with HEVC. On Windows, use MS Edge and install the HEVC windows add on (there used to be a free one but I think now you have to pay a few bucks). On Linux, you can build your own version of chromium with HEVC support.

As of chromium 104 it appears Chrome will finally support HEVC when the --enable-features=PlatformHEVCDecoderSupport is passed in. I just tried it and it works, but I’m not sure if the Windows HEVC extensions are required or not (they are already installed on my system). Currently the release version of Chrome is chromium 102, beta is 103, and dev is 104, so you’ll have to use dev for now. Here’s the link to dev: Google Chrome Developer Tools - Google Chrome


Will this flow into the android app too? My HEVC camera is in the mail so i’m yet to discover the current limitations

The android app has had limited HEVC support (camera card in auto mode only) for a while now. See Add support for H.265 in stream component - #14 by uvjustin above.
Hopefully the Chromium support will flow through to the Android webview, as this will provide a more consistent experience and require less maintenance, but my guess is that won’t happen for at least half a year.


it did not flow threw.

you can view h265 video threw WebpageCard → h265 video
but if you try to view it threw media browser it wont work…

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Are there any plans to fully integrate h265 in the Android app?
I am not able to watch clips through the media browser, yet if I download them, I’m able to play them on my phone.
I’m using Frigate to record in h265 and it works flawlessly on iOS and Windows 11 (Chrome), but on my Android phone, I always get an error saying that the format is not supported.

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I’m getting the same, i’ve spent too long trying to problem solve a frigate error and finally found that it’s the HA app not supporting the format, Another vote to update.

would be nice to get feature parity with the iOS app for sure.