Add Support for Synology Nas DownloadStation

Would be great if we could monitor Synology DownloadStation from HA .
ability to notify when download finished etc.
API Information :

Alsow this code might be useful :

I would love this option too!

i would like this option too!

Would be nice to have

Look here

Using this ( in a custom component with sensors for all packages would be nice.

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How to use this with HA ? i don’t understand I use HassOS

thank’s for your response

+1 for this

This API is part of the python library that’s being used by the Synology DSM component already. Would be great if one of the code owners would implement this in the core component.

I like Synology integration but would love to be able to control download station. I wish to automate and control download speeds depending if anyone is home or certain devices are switched on/off etc.

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+1 on this.

It would be awesome to be able to:

  • See download list
  • Add a new download (from file or magnet)
  • Trigger automations on download complete

Any news on this?