Add switch only shows battery status

When im searching for a switch, Philips, Xiaomi toggle or Ikea switch, it only finds the battery status. I cant set it up so i can turn on/off a switch or?

I did use Decons but it was the same. Switched to Nortek HUSBZB and thats what im using now.

Hope someone can help.
Regards Martin

Same question you’ve asked here and here. You should read this and don’t forget 17…

Although you don’t explain how you’ve setup your zigbee stuff generally for buttons/switches you need to look for events. For zha look for zha events, for deconz look for deconz events (as explained in the docs and also explained here)

Hi Sjee
Sorry… Just read 17…

When i search for zigbee stuff, i go to configure and ZHA. In Network Management i “add device”
and i find ikea bulps, xiaomi sensors without any problems. But switches gives me thisSk%C3%A6rmbillede%20fra%202019-08-18%2010-05-12

And thank you for replying.

You should read the links I posted because it’s normal switches only expose battery level. You need to look for events; go to developer tools - events, subscribe to zha_event (or deconz_event depending on what you’re using) click “start listening” and press a button on the switch you want to use.

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Thats new for me to try that… Ill try it
Thank you so far
Regards Martin