Add unique id for Envisalink Integration entities

Envisalink integration creates binaty sensors for the alarm system sensors (motion, opening, smoke etc), but id doesn"t give unique ID, therefore it is impossible to cusomise with the UI, but a bigger issue, that I cannot add a motion or an opening sensor to an area, because adding an entity to an area needs unique ID.

Voted, god i want this…


is there any progress? or workaround?

I think there’s no progress. But it would be very easy to solve.
I have a workaround to make template binary sensors for each original Envisalink binary sensor with unique ID.

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Just found this while doing more research on the “unique id” issue with the original Envisalink integration. I have that installed and working, but now as I look to create some UI and automation changes, the issues that everyone has mentioned many times really impact that. Is this integration good to go as a replacement for the original? Original works well as far as I can see, just the limits as previous mentioned.

Just want to confirm the proper sequence of how to install envisalink_new with original envisalink all ready installed, so I opened an issue in GH: Install steps for existing envisalink user · Issue #107 · ufodone/envisalink_new · GitHub