Added support for Vaillant Thermostat, how to integrate in official release

Hello community,

I am new here and on HA

I also triedto open classes.dex from migo app… wihtoutsuccess so far to get the id and keys

Can someone help me please ?

Thank you!

Hallo @All,

I also get “Invalid authentication” error using “na_client_android_vaillant” and app version with the corresponding secret key from the apk.
Is it correct to use user credentials for

Thanks in advance!

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An additional information: I’m using android app version 2.18.0 and tried to get the secret key out of this app with the infos for version but I didn’t succeed.

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I am facing the same issue regarding Vaillant / Mignon intégration in home assistant.

Could you tell how you find secret id and client ID please?

Thank you

Hi, I’m looking for the same and have not had decompiling and finding in the APK.
Could someone PM the client ID and “secret_key” for the MiGo link app please?
Thank you!

Hello @samueldumont

Regarding Migo app integration I got some improvements:

  • there are 2 Migo apps :
    • Migo Link (the one where my devices are set up in)
    • Migo. Your heating assistant.

Decompiling both apk I managed to find strings

  • on Migo Link (2.18.0 in my case)
    • no mention of “na_client_android_sdbg”
    • 2 x 32- caracter long strings
  • on Migo Your Heating assistant ( in my case)
    • mention of “na_client_android_sdbg”
    • secret key

I manage to create a new user account on Migo Your Heating assistant app, and the integration on HA worked !

However, no way of setting my devices (isotwin condens + link) in the Migo Your Heating assistant app (I guess there are ment to be only on Migo Link app).

Thus :

  • I guess some people here are facing the same issue (auth. error) because using the Migo other app
  • Is there a way to integrate “Migo Link” (and not only Migo Your Heating assistant ?)
  • Other question (not directly related to the Home Assistant integration dev. though : Is there a way to integrate my devices in Migo My Heating Assistant app ?

Thank you,