Adding a device with known power consumption to the energy panel

Hello Home assistant community ,
usually when i think of something to do in home assistant , i can always find somebody in the forum that asked the question before me , but not this time ,

Since the release of the new energy management update , i ordered a shellyEM and several smart plug with power consumption monitoring.
But there are some devices , that are very fixed load , like bulb or my tv for example.
When my tv is ON , she as a load of 210W .
So if i’m not too rusty in electricity , that mean 0.210kwh per hours the tv is ON , or 3.5Wh each minute the tv (device_tracker.aa_bb_cc_dd_ee) is ON ,
i would like a tip to add this device to the energy usage panel without using a smart plug.
i hope this is doable.

Thanks everyone

ps : i attached my current energy panel

Think this will do what you want

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thanks a lot Holdestmade