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Adding a test script into UI Lovelace


Morning all

I’ve created a script test.yaml which will send a test pushover message. How can I either run that from CLI or even better add to the UI Lovelace so I can trigger on/off each time

Many Thanks


What have you tried?


Add an entities card. Add your script tot he entities card.

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I’ve created the script below

    alias: 'test_pushover'
      - service: notify.notify
          title: TEST ALERT!
          message: This is a test message!
            url: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c1/55/a1/c155a1b393899ffd7c36ff01090ce8f5.jpg

The question is how do I run this via the UI with a toggle switch. I’m trying to learn more about HA and running scripts like this which I can quickly test.

I’ve created a new Entitie card but not sure where I paste the code into it. I have the toggle switch but can work out how to call my script “test.yaml”



You don’t.

Edit your entity card, use the drop down list to select your script (script.test_pushover).

Save the card and exit the UI edit mode.

You now have a card with your script and the word EXECUTE next to it. Clicking on the EXECUTE text runs your script.


Hi Tom

I’m still not getting it. I was using the drop down list but my script isn’t there

Its saved in /config directory is that the right place to save them


Did you do a configuration check and reload scripts after writing your script?



If I create a .sh script I can see it listed but I’ve created a .yaml file and these don’t appear to be listed


You need to either write your script yaml in configuration.yaml or use !include to include a scripts.yaml file (or files).


If it is a seperate file in a folder add:
script: !include_dir_merge_list {foldername}

If its only one file add:
script: !include includes/test.yaml


That’s correct.