Adding an Aqara Smart Temperature Humidity/Sensor

Hi there, is there a way adding an Aqara Smart Temperature Humidity/Sensor in HA without me getting a Xiaomi Gateway?

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Here you go:

Did that a few weeks back and it’s working like a treat :+1:

Great tip. I will have a look at it and hope to make it too.

Happy new year.
Is the sensor accurate?


I use a Conbee Stick (Link)

For getting it integrated i use the Deconz addon

It works fine withe my xiaomi door/window sensors and my osram smart plugs. For my hue lights and sensors I use the Hue bridge.

It should work with Aqara Humidit Sensor, but mine hasn’t arrived yet.

For more informations see

Yes it does indeed work great with deconz

They seem to be fine as far as I can tell.
All 5 of the ones I use report very similar pressure wherever they are in the house and the temperature and humidity values are very close when I put them next to each other.
The only device I have to calibrate them against is my thermostat and they are all within +1.5F of it.

Is there a way to actually calibrate the sensor? You can somewhere add the value that is off?

Yes, you can use a template sensor to add or subtract any offset found while calibrating the sensor.
You then use the template sensor in your automations/displays etc.

Read more about setting this up here

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Thank you. Really great tip!

Hi, assume you still need the actual gateway?
i bought an aqara sensor but only own RFlink connected to my Pi.

do i need to buy a gateway as well?

Take a look at the 2nd post in the thread - you can build your own gateway…

Check this post: