Adding default badges to all views in YAML mode

Hi, hass newb here. I’ve started to configure my new installation and have decided on the “full-control” yaml mode of configuring views in ui-lovelace.yaml. My question is simple but I haven’t been able to find a solution for it: I want to put the same set of badges on top of all my views. I can already define them using the badges: list inside a view definition, but I obviously don’t want to repeat them in each of my view. Is that possible?

You can define them in an Anchor and use it in every view.

### YAML Anchor
x-view-badges: &view-badges
  - device_tracker.tick
  - device_tracker.trick
  - device_tracker.track

### Lovelace
title: Home

  - title: Home
    path: home
    icon: mdi:home-assistant

    badges: *view-badges


Perfect! Thanks. It’s even better since I can customize for certain views if I want, but clutter-free and also free of copypasta errors.