Adding IKEA TRÅDFRI On/Off switch to deconz

At last it worked as other. All features available with trådfri gateway is available with switch editor. Really nice!

I have a bizarre situation…

I integrated into Phoscon (Deconz) and I was able to make on/off in a Phoscon grup, but in HA only appears entity of battery: “sensor.living_on_off_switch_battery_level” .

What can i do to to see real entity and use in HA automations?

Are you running deconz .58? I have the same situation as you on .57.

You have to listen to events. Turn on debug, click on button and you will see the event in the log to use in automation. Check the attributes for sensor.living_on_off_switch_battery_level and there you will find the event id to use. The documentation for deconz component has the specifics.

I use deconz windows app with Conbee (Win32_V2_05_58.exe) and Integations with HA.

Did you all use the Switch category and then “other” to make it work? I have tried “Other” and “Ikea” (and chose a on/off remote though) and also as a light - no luck. I tried to reset it, but didn’t seem to make any difference.

I am using Hassio with the marthoc addon version 2.05.63.

Yes this is currently the only way to add it. Please consider updating deCONZ to the latest version 2.05.64 and the respective latest firmware version.

While switch search is running you need to press the small button next to the battery quickly 4 times, so that the LED flashes.

Thanks. Apparently I didn’t push hard enough on the reset button, but now it works :grinning:

I have the newest version of the add on, but I will update it once a newer is available. I think the official one is newer than the marthoc one.

I have this switch and notice that it possibly can be used for dimming as well as simple on/off.

It generates the following events:

Click and immediately release On/Off: 1002/2002
Click and hold On/Off: 1001/2001
Release after hold On/Off: 1003/2003

Anyone that have pointers to Appdaemon scripts or automations that will implement dimming functions based on this?

The example in component documentation should be enough

Thanks for the fast reply - but I could not really find anything useful in the component documentation.

The way this button works is that the single 1001 event should trigger something that will gradually increase the (e.g.) light until a 1003 event (or possibly a timeout) is reached.

I was interested in how that should be handled in Appdaemon (or an automation) - I guess just looping with a 1 second sleep timer until a 1003 is received would be a bad thing.

The long press should send a new event every second, that is what you want

Nope - it does not. It sends a single 1001 when it’s pressed down, and then it does nothing until it is released and then it sends 1003.

Well. Then you need to trigger some method that increments brightness until it gets canceled by a release signal

I have managed to add the switch to deconz, but it only gets listed under “switches” and not in the main interface. What am I doing wrong?

This is an issue with deCONZ and not with home assistant, so it’s better to ask the developers of the deCONZ software. I don’t know why it is not showing there, but why do you need this?

i dont see it there either in the main interface? but why do you care? they dont need to there visible to actually use them in HA

Please refer to this thread by KennethLavrsen:

It describes how to easily configure on/off switch to dim/brighten lights. Works like a charm, just tested it in my installation.

Paring IKEA on/off switch to Hassio/deconz addon (no remote needed) was easy. Just long press (3 s) with a needle on the switch. Press button add new lights in deconz and :tada:bang it was there.Restart Hassio…And you can do whatever…v 2.05.72