Adding outdoor camera to ha without rtsp

I would want to test and add outdoor security camera to my setup and see if I like it and find it usefully. That’s why I’m considering to buy camera with battery and wifi because other ways I would need to get electrician + drilling holes to brick house which I would want to in the beginning

Cameras that I have looked (like Reolink Argus 3, Arlo Essential XL Spotlight or eufyCam 2) with those specs are around 120-150€ but they don’t have rtsp. Is that really big issue? Are cameras in ha without rtsp even possible or are they entirely useless?

I’m also a bit lost what do nvr do like Frigate or motioneye do? Can’t I just use Camera / Generic Camera integration?

Eufy 2c cameras support RTSP and work with battery. I am developing an integration for eufy security.

Do they because that is one that I have looked (2 cameras + base 250€) but can’t see single mention about rtsp in local web store :open_mouth:

It is not their strength :slight_smile: but i am using it and saving locally into their base station and accessible over home assistant.

How to setup rtsp for 2c cameras: How to setup RTSP on eufyCam to stream video to your compatible NAS - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community

and in this case base station is serving as nas where all videos are saved?

Base station is their own storage layer but it is not working as NAS, you can save into your own NAS after enabling RTSP option.

Base station is accessible from mobile app and you can see all recorded videos