Adding support for sinope light switch and dimmer


Ok I’ve uploaded my code on git


Hi @claudegel,

I’m using your component. Some of my Sinope light switches are triggering other light or outlet. However, I notice some delay…about 10 second for home assistant to notice when I open and close the light.

Do you see the same behaviour on your side ? Also, the component does not seem to work properly if I use the “SCAN INTERVAL” property. I wanted to set it to 2 seconds. (See :

Any thought ?


If home assistant scan the device every 30 sec. then it is normal to have a delay if you open a light and before HA notice the action. In theory, if you open a light just after HA finish the scan it will take 30sec before the change is reported.
A scan interval of 2 second is pretty small especially if you have many switch, dimmer and thermostats. The default scan interval is 30 sec. I’ve set mine to 20 sec but if I go lower then that I start getting message about update getting over xxx sec. I’m working on a way to bypass neviweb and speak directly to the web interface in that case it could be pretty fast to update the different switch and dimmer.


Wow. Byepassing Neviweb to be faster would be so nice. Is there any way we can support you ? Maybe buy you a few beer ?

I really like the design of the Sinope switch compare to wimo and tp-link swich. I have the 3 at home.


Hi, I’ve added some more feature to sinope switch if you want to try. Set_mode and alarm state. To be used with automation


Since it also concerns Sinopé light switch and dimmer, see my post on this other thread: