Adding Zigbee to Hassio on docker

I migrated from a Pi to a more powerful laptop running Ubuntu 18.04. I’m running Hassio in docker. I now have an HUSBZB-1 because I want to control some Zigbee bulbs. If I remove the container and create a new one, when I restore from my complete snapshot, will it remove the association with the HUSBZB-1, or will it keep it whole restoring all of my prior settings/add-ons/etc?

If you were running Raspbian on your Pi the device name may be the same on Ubuntu. If you were running the HassOs image, the device name may change.
In other words, there is not enough information to tell other than just trying it & troubleshooting.

That’s not the question I asked.

I did not have Zigbee with the Pi. I’m now wanting to ADD it. I know that I can’t simply do that because of permissions, so I need to recreate the container in docker and it will (should) automatically pick up the device and correctly assign permissions.

The question I asked is: will restoring from my current snapshot (which doesn’t have the Zigbee stick installed) remove the association that is created when I create a new container? I do not want to setup all of my currently working devices and automations again, so I definitely want to restore the snapshot I currently have.

Seems like plenty of information to me.