AdGuard Home: Hourly Graph


I have started using AdGuard Home on Home Assistance and I noticed that on the main dashboard it has count of dns queries and count of blocked queries, and both have a daily graph under it.

Is it possible to have a graph with different frequency instead of the daily only (like we get nice realtime graph on Pi-Hole)?

Can we create an hourly graph or a graph similar to Pi-Hole as that one is very useful and displayes lots of useful information on the dashboard?


if you store adguard sensors you need in an influxdb and then create a grafana dashboard with that sensors data?
Just saying, i use this for my solar data logger for example.


  port: 8086
  database: DB_TO_STORE_EVENTS
  username: MY_USERNAME
  password: MY_PASSWORD
  ssl: false
  verify_ssl: false
  max_retries: 3
  default_measurement: state
       - adguard_sensor_1
       - adguard_sensor_2

If you use influxdb hassio addons, you could skip grafana and may use the built-in Chronograf

I struggled quite a bit with the sensors that already come with the AdGuard integration:

The challenge seems to be that not all data exposed by the AdGuard API is made available through the integration. When it comes to blocked queries, the sensor seems to refer to the total number of queries that’s held in the statistics of AdGuard. That can be a day or a week or a month. I don’t think it is possible to calculate the hourly figure from that.

The AdGuard API does seem to provide the needed data, but that’s not pulled into HA and brought into a sensor. So I would support this feature request to add this.