AEON Labs DSA02203 Z-Stick S2 and Intermatic HA-03WD Lamp Module status not changing


i have an Intermatic HA-03WD Lamp Module with an AEON Labs DSA02203 Z-Stick S2 and it’s recognized by HA.

When i click on or off on the card, it lights on and off. But when i hit the button on the device, turning on or off, the status at the card dos not change.

Any clue?

I don’t believe that device has instant status, too old.

So you will need to poll the device.

Thank you for the answer. How to poll the device?

I think that depends on which z-wave integration you are using. That said, I’m just moving to Home Assistant so I’m not sure how one would go about that.

When I searched for it, it doesn’t appear to be very easy to do.

i’ve found this: Do I need to poll my devices for their status?

will try later.

If you are using Z-WaveJStoMQTT, I believe you can setup polling for device types.

Note: Don’t for get to hit the “save” button at the bottom of the settings page.