Aeotec door sensor 6


This is great stuff! I was having this issue with an Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW097 Dry Contact Sensor on I went into Configuration > Z-Wave and then chose my node, went down to Node Config Options. There I picked Report Type in Config Parameters and then chose Sensor Binary Report from the list. When I went to Set Config Parameter I made sure to hit the trigger button on my sensor a few times to wake it up. After that all is well! Works like a champ!

Thanks again for all the info!


I only read the first dozen replies to this thread so I apologize if this was said already, but I just did this last night using HA, no Open ZWave Control Panel needed. When trying to change the report type to binary you simply need to retry until it sticks. When in the Zwave config menu, wake up the sensor and then try changing the setting. If it doesn’t stick you’ll know because the setting will change back to Basic Set. You’ll know it stuck if Binary Report grays out. Even though you properly wake the sensor up it doesn’t always accept changes every time so again just try again until it works. Sometimes can take 5 times before it sticks, but it will eventually. Being closer to your controller seems to increase the chances of it working. Hope this helps someone.


Great to hear, mate! What a pain but very satisfying when you get it sorted. Sums up tech in general!


Anyone having issues on 66.1 I am no longer able to chose between the sensors but it shows all sensors in my states. However binary_sensor.front_door1_sensor stays on(Open) at all times and does not toggle off(Closed) When closed. sensor.front_door1_access_control, sensor.front_door1_alarm_level, sensor.front_door1_alarm_type, sensor.front_door1_sourcenodeid also do not change when door is open or closed. I also noticed I only get parameter #9 now, no longer get the standard 121 and other parameters.


Thanks for this - this was driving me nuts but after 5 retries near the controller it worked - weird we had to do this but as long as its reliable now I dont mind