Aeotec minimote config

Hi guys,

I’ve got my minimote connected to ozwcp and I’m pretty sure it’s in scene mode, as button presses show up in the ozwcp console.

But when I restart hass and look in the hass console when pressing a button on the minimote they don’t show up it’s impossible to find the entity id’s to setup any automations. I have tried so many times and they still never show up in the hass console.

Maybe I’ve missed something really obvious. Can’t anyone help.

The answer is to use the object_id value - see my response in this thread.

Thanks @Tinkerer so if I look in the log file here /var/log/syslog I should find the ID’s then, is that correct??

You need to look in the log that has the console output. Where that is will depend on how you’re running HA. In my case, since I’m using the AIO installer I got it through journalctl.

Thanks, can you share to code to start the log?

You used the AIO installer and are starting it from systemd? If not, this won’t work for you, but if you are, then:

sudo journalctl -f -u home-assistant

That will follow the console output from HA, just <CTRL><C> when you’re done to cancel.