Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Hi all,
Has anyone used the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, with Home Assistant?
It looks very good for what I want, a separate Z-Wave/Zigbee controller that will work with HA.
I looked for the Vera Plus, but it seems that you can’t get it in the UK.

I have the exact same question, but then from the Netherlands.
An alternative could be the Samsung Smartthings hub which also supports Zwave and Zigbee, though AFAIK the smartthings hub needs a cloud connection, which I do not prefer.

Cheers, Dorus.

The Aeotec hub is just a rebranded Smartthings hub. Smartthings still manages its cloud infrastructure, but gave the licensing rights to Aeotec to make the hardware.

It is a cloud dependent device, and you will be reliant on Smartthings servers. Although it can be integrated with the Smartthings integration - SmartThings - Home Assistant I would definitely not recommend it for Home Assistant due to outages and latency.

You are much better off going with zwave and zigbee USB sticks. Or a possibility is a combined zwave/zigbee USB like the Nortek which will give you direct local control of both zwave and zigbee in one device - although availability by country for this may vary.

He is in the UK, so don’t recommend the HUSBZB-1, it does not work on EU frequency.

Sorry @francisp, I thought that might be the case but wasn’t sure, so just added the caveat about “availability by country for this may vary”

Do you know if there is a “dual option” stick that works in the UK, or do you have to get two separate devices?

The only combo zwave/ZigBee stick is theHUSBZB-1, but works only on US frequency.

For an all in one zigbee and zwave device, it appears there is a Hubitat version that works in the UK™-uk

Which can be integrated to Home Assistant locally through MQTT

Not just MQTT, you could also integrate Hubitat via a custom component:
Custom Component: Hubitat - Share your Projects! / Custom Components - Home Assistant Community (

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@mwav3, yes, after googling a lot more I found out too that the Aeotec and Samsung hubs are practically the same, so those are not preferred.
So the Vera Secure Gateway is an option, however that one is quite expensive. (though I still want to check whether it needs a cloud connection).

@francisp, I think I will search for separate sticks then for Zigbee and Z-wave (plus).

Thanks for the replies.

I do not know what is available in UK, thought this discussion might help.

Thanks all for your replies, I didn’t get alerted so have only just seen them. :slight_smile:
I ended up going with seperate Z-wave and Zigbee USBs, still cheaper than most hubs.

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That was a very interesting read on reddit, with all protocols metnioned.
I will focus on zwave for devices, and choose to go for the aeotec z-stick or even this: Aeotec Z-Pi 7 - Kenmerken - Tweakers