Aeotec Z-Wave USB stick

Hello, I am new on the HAS community.
I installed the software on A RBpi 4 and everything workse fine, I can use my Ikea system, my Devolo home control and my Hue system, perfect.

Now I wan’t to go A step further, I have A Aeotec Z-wave Gen5 stick, I already know about the problems, so I use A seperate powerd USB adapter.

Now I won’t to desable the Bluetooth on my RBpi.
Where and how do I do this?
Can I do this via the HAS GUI?

What I wan’t to add is A Fibaro Z-wave button.

Thx for the respons

Your subject mentions your Z-Stick, but your question seems related to disabling BT - those things are unrelated. In any case, see this.

Thank you Rob,

I am new in HAS, A lot things to learn.

I did get my Z-wave stick to work. It has nothing to do with enable or disable the BT on my Pi.
Just needed to learn how to do it.

In any case, thanks for the respons.