Aeotec Zwave shows isPlus = false

This is my first install of HASS. After I setup my Gen5 Aeotec Zwave stick I noticed in HA it lists isPlus as false. Gen5 is Zwave plus. Is this a bug in HA?


do you have any other Z-Wave + devices connected?

I believe that’s a documented glitch in OZW. Mine shows the same thing, but works fine as a Z-Wave Plus controller. Keep in mind that the Z-Wave Plus capabilities are primarily handle in-network (between the dongle and devices), and it’s not critical that HA displays what you expect. The baud rate is another example, where it shows 40000 even if it’s actually communicating at 100000.

Edit: here ya go: Aeotec ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 US Reports Not ZWave Plus

Makes sense. I added a switch to the zwave network and it shows as zplus so it’s just the dongle.

HaHaHa, mines been showing false to z-wave plus for years and I’ve only just noticed after reading this thread. Thanks for that, maybe I’ll start reading what my devices say rather than what I think they say :-:roll_eyes:

fwiw: it’s not just ‘that particular dongle’ as my Nortek HUSBZB-1 shows as false also.


Right, and I just edited my post. The other thread says that any controller will show ‘false’.

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Eh ? This is VERY weird, is this a fault in HA then rather than in the z-wave interface item/stick/whatever ?

It’s just displayed incorrectly, probably because the OZW dev didn’t know how to query that attribute for controllers. Or it’s just not available for controllers. That was essentially the answer for why it shows 40000 instead of 100000 for the baud rate when I asked him.

It has no impact on functionality.