After Automatic shuts down, how to keep track of my car with Home Assistant?

I use the Automatic integration to keep track of my car’s location and gas level.

They’re shutting down their service in four days (May 28th) — how are you folks keeping track of these aspects of your car?

I’ve been wondering the same. This really sucks. I’ve two automatics that have worked flawlessly for years. I have a Life360 subscription that works great for tracking people, but I really like knowing where the automobiles are as well.

There’s Bouncie ( but it’s $8/month/device plus the cost of the device. While the $8 may keep them from going out of business, I feel like I’m already being bled to death by all the $5-$10/month charges in my life.


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FWIW I have been using Bouncie since Automatic went away and have been pleased with it. I have early access to their API as well, so am considering looking at some kind of HA integration. If there’s any way I can be helpful to others interested in exploring the same, let me know.


It would be awesome to have a Bouncie integration added. Their API reached 1.0.0 and I think can be considered “stable”

Maybe some of the automatic code can be refactored into Bouncie:

More information on the Bouncie API at and existing users can sign in at

I’ve created a proper feature request at: New Integration Request: Bouncie - OBD2 vehicle tracking

Anyone had luck integrating Bouncie into HA? Can anyone help please?