After Home Assistant Core Update 2024.5.0 and 1 goodwe integration does not work

After the Core Update I could not get working the goodwe integration anymore. Tried everyfhing new install starting the inverter restarting network wlan etc. Only by the restore of an older system I got the goodwe again working. The same happend with 2024.5.1 today. Again restored the 2024.4.3 version…

I had the same problem with 2024.5.0 and 2024.5.1 with
Ubiquiti EdgeOS Routers and
Momentary Switch Component
This morning both custom components had updates available which fixed my problems.

If you are having trouble with miss-behaving custom integrations, I would encourage testing with this to see if an integration is doing bad things…

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Ok I Will deal with this tomorrow. However, it is one integration that doesn’t work… Possibly the people working with goodwe integration could help…

Now the update of the core 2024.5.3 and Operating System 12.3 solved the problem. I tried the install before several times… Only restore brougt me the goodwe integration back. … No it works again, thanks!