After update to .89, TP-Link devices frequently show as entity not available

I am experiencing the same issue for months. and having it with 0.99.2.
Something wrong with the updated TP-Link component from .89

Maybe increasing some kind of response_time_limit value in availability check routine would fix it?

The unavailability always get auto-fixed after some random time, but HOMEASSISTANT retains the last known status value, not querying it again right after unavailable becomes available.

I’ve turned auto discovery off and I’m still getting seeing my plug become unavailable,
has anyone else found a fix for this, or could they recommend a different UK smart plug?

Is anyone using Nmap for device tracking? I was having the same problems of my HS100s going offline, disabling nmap scanning fixed it instantly and permanently.


This has solved my problem.


@lsueirasb disabling the nmap scanning fixed it for you?