After updating HA to the latest, this is the result in the DeConz integration :-(

So I just updated to 0.104.1, and now it looks like this:

All are unavailable, except the daylight and the deconz stick :frowning:

I’ve had to remove the integration, and add it back in. This is not viable in the long run. So far I’ve only set up sensors, but I’m contemplating moving the lights from the IKEA hub to Deconz, and then it needs to be more reliable.

Nothing works - complete no reaction or refresh from the lights in the house, what a fuck!

Lot of discussion in this thread around this issue: 0.104: Sentry, Signal Messenger, IntesisHome, Sure Petcare, KEF

Likely a great idea to read thru it.

Personally, I always read thru the new release blog posts when a new version is launched to understand what, if any, issues I might run across when upgrading.

Of course you’re right. But all these changes and updates cause confusion. At some point, you have to stop making such fundamental changes. This only deters people, especially since I support home assistant with monthly donations. One expects a certain stability.

It’s never easy being on the bleeding edge of new technology, and Home Assistant’s a sharp blade to play on. But, IMO, well worth it!

It is then worth it, if not at the expense of the user time passes until things are brought back to a stable state. It annoys me. In our house I can’t switch on or otherwise control anything at the moment. I’m gonna downgrade.

One can expect whatever one likes, that doesn’t mean that ones expectation will be delivered, even if there is a financial contribution adding to said expectation.

HA is still beta. Changes are being made to move towards a stable, milestone release. This requires breaking changes to be made.

Completely agree.

Sorry, guys. I just got excited. It’s true what you all say. But it’s not easy when you can’t explain to your kids or spouse why the light switch is not working now. It causes uncertainty.

But I have my backups for just such situations. Just successfully downgraded. Everything is okay for now.

The best solution is to always backup before an update, then you can roll back if the update breaks your configuration.

Unless you absolutely need to due to a new integration that you can’t live without, or a new feature you simply must have immediately, wait a few days before you update. The bugs and issues will come to light, fixes can be made.

That’s exactly what I did. Always a backup before an update. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait a little while. Good night, everyone. Here in Germany is just 01:00. Great and fast community. And I love it.

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Always do, but in this case, the deconz still f… up.
I’ve had to add everything back to it.
This has been a MAJOR change in HA, and I totally agree with @fastender.
I had no choice in updating because of other fixes etc.

The really strange part is that I had already gone through all the dublet entities, and had deleted them, but they still messed it up here.

those contributions support only nabu casa