Again! How to find reason for HA-crashes

Hi, my HA keeps crashing every few days. How can I find the reason for that. The only way to make it work again, is to power cycle the device. What log-files can I look at, to find out the reason. As far as I read, the logs are deleted when the device is restarted. The only thing that I recognized is, that the CPU-temperature was very high. So it seems like the system was still running, but I couldn’t get onto the dashboard by the browser.
The system is running on a RPi 3B

Try this and see if you can get any insight this way:

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Thanks for the link. I will try that at the weekend. That looks a little bit too complex for my state of knowlege on that area, but maybe I will manage it.

What is sd card age? This is usual cause if not some low storage issue.

What is power supply ma rating? Bad power can cause issue hut usually when HA start crashing on Pi I presume SD issue and replace it and problem resolve.