AI Voice Control for Home Assistant (Fully Local)

After trying it out and much research.
My conclusion is functionary was made to call function, so even a simple thing like what’s the temperature like? require a service call (sometimes it can work tho)

This fact aligns with the current state of HA intent development (you can check their block post). Which I agreed, you may not want to expose every state in the system prompt and want it to be able to execute everything (including things that you didn’t expose, for example unlock your front door.)

So, it seems like HA team is working on some sort of integration to add LLM.
Home-LLM also suffered a lot, he must re-write a lot of code to be compatible with the new way to execute intent. I’m not sure if it supports things like toggle fan swing, preset or similar.

So, the future is

  • function calling LLM
  • HA Intent (custom integration could also provide the intent)
  • System prompt will not provide the states by default

In the meantime, we could just hack it to work.

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So what would be really nifty is if i could use my current google home’s to listen to this stuff, is that possible ?

No I don’t think so, you can synchronize all your HA entities to your Google home. This lets you keep all functionalities of the speaker, but you’re bound to Google Home.

An alternative is to use Onjuvoice, which is a custom PCB that can fit within the housing of the Google Nest speaker. This way, you have more control over your microphone / speaker and can combine it with this AI voice control. Not sure about the quality of Onjuvoice though.