Air quality measurement sensor with ESPhome

Got my esp32 and it’s working fine as well.

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I’ve had an issue with the ESP8266 which stumped me for a while.

If you’re having trouble getting this to work on a generic ESP8266:

  • Note that GPIO0 (pin D3) might not work as a GPIO switch

I changed to GPIO14 (D5) and things started working.

You can verify this by running a volt meter on the pin. If the GPIO switch is turned on, that pin should read 3.3v.

Hope this helps those who are having trouble with this.

I’m fairly new to the DIY part of sensors, and for a while now I’ve been looking for something that would provide the exact sensors as provided on this tutorial, but also I was hoping to integrate a CO²/VOC sensors as well.
Something like this one that I’ve found:

DIY Air Quality Monitor - PM2.5, CO2, VOC, Ozone, Temp & Hum Arduino Meter (

but…as far as my research went, this solution cannot report back to HA.
So is there any chance that we could take this tutorial as base and add another sensors?

Got the same noise, someone got a solution or is the sensor just not good?

Wow…I feel like I just have to add, your build is tiny, neat and to the point. I have a very similar scope and thanks to your full article made it come together in like an hour.

I am still fussing over graph look and feel, but this is a really nice build.

Thanks from WV/USA.