AirSonos docker plugin


Would it be possible to make AirSonos docker as an plugin for
Would be amazing to be able to use AirPlay for my Sonos setup.


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I agree this would be nice to have

I requested this to @frenck in his GitHub repo issues

Seems pretty easy to do, nevertheless, I do not own Sonos stuff. I will check with a friend if I can borrow one for a couple of days.

If you are running on x86 cpu (not ARM/RPi) then you can use this config.json for local install of airsonos:

  "name": "Airsonos",
  "version": "latest",
  "slug": "airsonos",
  "image": "justintime/airsonos",
  "description": "Airsonos: Airplay to Sonos Bridge",
  "url": "",
  "startup": "before",
  "boot": "auto",
  "host_network": "True",
  "arch": ["amd64"],
  "options": {
  "schema": {

Works great for me:

*** Running /etc/my_init.d/
No SSH host key available. Generating one...
Creating SSH2 RSA key; this may take some time ...
Creating SSH2 DSA key; this may take some time ...
Creating SSH2 ECDSA key; this may take some time ...
*** Running /etc/my_init.d/
*** Running /etc/rc.local...
*** Booting runit daemon...
*** Runit started as PID 78
ok: run: dbus: (pid 89) 0s
ok: run: dbus: (pid 89) 1s
ok: run: avahi: (pid 99) 0s
Searching for Sonos devices on network...

Kitchen (@, RINCON_5CAAFD48EBAE01400:4)
Office (@, RINCON_5CAAFD48E9C201400:11)

Search complete. Set up 2 device tunnels.
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This would be great :slight_smile:

Are you able to find the device in the airplay menu?

I’ve got my hands on a sonos device :slight_smile: I’ll finish up the add-on i’m currently working on and try this one next.


Ok, so I might come up with an alternative for the above once since AirSonos development has actually stalled.

The first tests are already looking good.

Little heads up, almost finished the add-on. You can expect it to be released before the end of this year.

I need to write the docs and test it on ARM based systems (e.g., Raspberry PIs).

Nice frenck! Thank you for your work.

Don’t know how much work it is, bur would it be possible to make a Docker image of your code?

That should not be that hard to do, nevertheless, I’m not planning on releasing “Docker” versions of my add-ons.

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